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Dental implant

A true revolution in dentistry, the dental implant now makes it possible to replace one or more missing teeth by integrating into the jawbone. Titanium is indeed a biocompatible material, that is to say tolerated by the body. The risk of an allergic reaction is therefore practically zero.

This artificial root is inserted under the gum of the tooth to serve as a support for the crown on a dental implant. Once the tiny shank is attached, a crown can be installed to replace an individual tooth. The dentist can also use the fixed bridge on implants to replace any missing teeth. The implant can also be used, if it is provided with snap-type fasteners, to stabilize removable prostheses.


Benefits of dental implant

The fixed bridge and the partial or removable prosthesis make it possible, like the implant, to replace missing or damaged teeth. However, dental implants have many advantages over all of these methods.

Here are a few :  

  • Aesthetics: The replaced teeth will match your smile in terms of shape, color, and harmony.

  • Comfort: only the artificial tooth is present in your mouth. No piece of plastic gets in your way.  

  • Stability: once well integrated into the jawbone, the implant gives excellent stability to the replacement tooth.  

  • Efficient chewing: thanks to its stability, the implant makes it possible to regain efficient chewing and better speech.  

  • Durable: A dental implant can last a lifetime if properly maintained. 

Preservation of all the dentition: the implant makes it possible to avoid filing the adjacent teeth, as it should be done during the installation of a traditional bridge in order to be able to fix it. The implant therefore makes it possible to maintain the integrity of the neighboring teeth.
Self-esteem: the absence of a tooth unbalances the entire dentition. Placing a dental implant allows you to regain self-confidence as well as a quality of daily life.

Finally, the placement of an implant has a success rate of about 95%.



At Center Dentaire Ton Dentiste, Dr Laurent Oiknine, dental surgeon, with more than thirty years of experience in the field, has placed and restored several thousand implants. Whether you need to replace an individual tooth, a group of teeth or all of your teeth, he will suggest the best solutions and take the time to explain them to you. 

Our renowned dental center for implants


Planning of implant placement

Following an initial appointment, and after listening to your needs and wishes, we proceed with the planning of the implant treatment.

  1. Your medical history is reviewed.

  2. We take impressions of your teeth as well as three-dimensional x-rays of the area affected by the replacement of the teeth.

  3. Using virtual planning software, the dental surgeon evaluates the position of the implants to be placed, as well as their diameter and length, in order to be able to navigate in known territory during the operation.

Our dental clinic has state-of-the-art devices, including Cone Beam CBCT technology, which enables precise, three-dimensional assessment of the bone topography of the jaws and the anatomical structures of interest. The planning of your treatment is thus optimal. You don't have to move from office to office. The treatment takes place from start to finish at our dental center.

Everything is organized to make your intervention as pleasant as possible. Our staff offers you incomparable listening quality, in addition to offering you optimal comfort.



Implant placement process

The placement of dental implants is performed under local anesthesia with oral sedatives. You do not feel any pain and have the impression of floating on a cloud during the procedure. 
During the four to six months following the operation, your dental professional performs a rigorous follow-up to verify that everything is going well and that the implant integrates well with the bone.

  • The day after the intervention, you will receive a courtesy call from us.

  • We will prescribe anti-inflammatory pain relievers so that you can quickly resume your usual activities or work.

  • Usually, implant patients have some swelling after the operation, but the swelling goes away after a few days. Many people experience little or no pain after the operation.

  • Follow-up appointments follow each other a few weeks apart until your recovery.


We do everything we can to ensure that you can get the dental implant treatments you need, on the budget that suits you. 
We send quotes to your dental insurance companies and inform you of the limits of your coverage. 
If you wish, we will also take care of submitting a financing request, on your behalf, to Accord D, so that you get a monthly payment that suits you.

Each situation is unique, however, Dr. Laurent Oiknine will need to assess your overall oral health before telling you if you are a good candidate for an implant. 
Think you need an implant? Make an appointment for a pre-implant visit! The consultation is free!

Free consultation. 
2nd notice free of charge.
Fair fees.


Price and financing for the installation of a dental implant



Lifespan of dental implants

All statistical studies show proven reliability of implants in the long term. A success rate of 90% of implants placed over 20 years of studies.

Replacing teeth with dental implants  is the long-term solution to regaining your smile, your chewing and your self-confidence. This is the solution that we recommend at the Ton Dental Center  Dentiste.

9 out of 10 patients will still have their crown implants in 20 years.


The dental implant and its crown look like a real tooth and fit perfectly into the mouth. You will even forget their presence and will have the feeling that they are natural teeth! A smile with dental implants looks like a natural smile!


Saves tissue: it is no longer necessary to rely on adjacent teeth to replace a missing tooth, as is the case with bridges  traditional.


Today, implant technology and technique are proven and safe when properly indicated. The implants are very resistant and biocompatible.


Implants give the patient confidence in himself, in his smile and in his interaction with others. The dental implant makes it possible to benefit from fixed prostheses, which are much more comfortable than a removable appliance. We feel free and confident. No more glue for prostheses, the fear that the prosthesis will not hold if you sneeze or laugh too loudly. With implants, you can laugh heartily, you can eat, talk, laugh and fully enjoy life and its pleasures ... in short, you can enjoy life to the fullest!


The dental implant has an excellent lifespan, provided that the rules of hygiene and maintenance are respected. Implants have a very long lifespan, up to several decades. Crowns on implants have an average lifespan of 10 to 20 years.

The advantages of dental implants

Bone support

A less well-known consequence of patients losing their teeth and not replacing them is the loss of bone support. Indeed, the bone loses in height and its structure changes. This deterioration, which takes place over the long term, can compromise the subsequent replacement of the missing tooth: in fact, for the implant to be placed, sufficient bone volume must be available. This will be assessed by a 3D scanner which will determine the quality and quantity of the bone. If there is not enough bone, a bone graft can fill this defect and allow to find an adequate volume for the implantation. However, it is best to avoid this kind of situation by replacing any missing teeth as soon as possible.

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