Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Whether your teeth are darkened for genetic reasons, or because of medication or certain lifestyle habits, or whether they are devitalized teeth, teeth whitening makes your smile shine.

In most cases, the natural color of your teeth is in the yellow-gray hues. Teeth naturally color with age and the appearance may be affected by the accumulation of color through the consumption of tobacco and certain foods.


Teeth whitening in Sainte-Marthe sur le Lac is done under the supervision of a dentist for optimal results in the best conditions. Your dentist will determine the indication for treatment and explain how it will work.

Aware that each smile is different, your dentist will accompany you for a personalized result, in harmony with your face and in optimal conditions of safety for your dental health.

Safe for your enamel

The technique used is harmless to tooth enamel. This therapeutic lightening technique can be combined with the placement of ceramic crowns or dental veneers to correct any imperfections.

However the old crowns cannot be lightened, they will have to be redone if necessary to harmonize the shade of your smile.

If you also have composite resins, you should consider remaking them, if their color is no longer suitable after lightening.

This professional technique provides lasting results: the dentition is lightened from 2 to 9 shades, for several years depending on your eating habits from your coffee, tea and tobacco consumption.


This home teeth whitening, through molded arches made by your dentist, gives quick and lasting results. It's about taking an impression of your dental arches and making custom shells for your teeth. Syringes of whitening product to insert into these shells will be provided to you.


We deliver syringes of whitening products to you and you apply this product at home, usually in the evening for a week. You can also use these custom shells to maintain your light shade every 6 months. These custom shells can be kept for years.

The results

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