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Dental veneer


Rejuvenate your smile

Didn't nature give you the sublime smile you wished you had? Don't be discouraged and talk to your dentist. Thanks to dental veneers, your smile could be transformed and brighten your face!


These dentures correct imperfections in your teeth, whether they are discolored, chipped, spaced, too short, too long or have slight overlaps. The treatment is simple, fast, and painless.


At the Ton Dentiste dental center, all of our practitioners are trained to provide you with high quality cosmetic dental care. Always up to date with the latest technologies, we offer you ultramodern and personalized ceramic veneers that will give you the smile you have always dreamed of. 


Dental veneers can be made of ceramic or composite. Our dental center only uses ceramic ones, because they are the ones that give the best results. A porcelain dental veneer consists of a thin strip of dental ceramic that the dentist custom makes to cover your tooth.


Its color resembles that of your natural tooth. The goal of this dental prosthesis is to instantly improve the color and shape of a tooth while correcting its shape or length defects. Ceramic is an aesthetic and resistant biocompatible material that gives excellent results. 

What is a dental veneer?


In which cases is the dental veneer used?

By correcting the color of the front teeth, dental veneers harmonize your smile. But that's not all! As they also realign your teeth and correct imperfections (size, length, shape), veneers rejuvenate your entire face. In two sessions, you will find a bright smile and a more youthful appearance! 

These prostheses are recommended in particular if:  

  • your teeth are too short (for example, if you grind your teeth);

  • your teeth are abnormal in size and shape;

  • your teeth are badly positioned: they are misaligned or overlap;

  • your teeth are damaged: they are cracked, broken or worn;  

  • you have too much space between two teeth (called a diastema). 

Dental veneers are also a great alternative to tooth whitening. Indeed, once installed, they guarantee you permanent teeth whiteness, unlike dental whitening which often requires touch-ups.
They can therefore be a very good solution, if you have teeth:

  • stained by the consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea or wine;

  • brownish from taking medication;

  • tarnished by age.


First visit

The treatment is usually done in two appointments at the clinic. 

We usually start with a dental whitening treatment to lighten the underlying color of your teeth. 
Then, after analyzing the corrections to be made to your smile, your dentist removes a thin layer of tooth enamel to replace it with porcelain on the surface of your teeth. Most of the time, it is necessary to remove a thin layer of enamel (0.2 to 0.4 mm) in order to accommodate the veneer and obtain a natural aesthetic result.
The dentist then takes impressions of your teeth as well as intra and extraoral photos. It can thus analyze the aesthetics of your lips and your gums. 
Using specialized software, a dental technician uses a computer to create a 3D drawing of your future smile, in harmony with your face. He then makes your custom veneers. 
During this appointment, the dentist may suggest that you wear transient veneers in order to perform a test and make adjustments, if necessary.


Second visit

Dental veneers are bonded to your tooth enamel using UV light. Being under local anesthesia, you feel almost no pain, barely a slight discomfort. In a few minutes, you will find a perfect and bright smile! ​

Your smile helps you feel confident and good about yourself. If you want to find white and well-aligned teeth, talk to your dentist! Our seasoned professionals will understand your needs and guide you towards the smile of your dreams. We will provide you with a quote and a complete diagnosis. 

As the price should not limit your access to this type of care, we offer financing plans as well as a free consultation. Make an appointment today!

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