Dental veneer

Rejuvenate your smile

Good oral hygiene does not solve all the problems that a smile can present. Some defects are completely independent of the care you give to your teeth. And they are all the more unpleasant because they can complex you and prevent you from smiling.


Fortunately, a simple, quick and pain-free solution that can give you the smile you've always wanted: dental veneers. These ceramic shells hide all the imperfections in your smile. In just two sessions, your smile is transformed. Discover this cutting-edge technology, a real aesthetic revolution.

A dental veneer is a prosthesis that the cosmetic dentist sticks to the surface of the tooth. It takes the form of a thin strip that resembles the tooth enamel in every aspect. The veneer is custom made to offer an ideal shape, size and shade; it is thus ready to integrate seamlessly into the dentition.


The dental veneers are made of ceramic. This biocompatible material allows a perfect reflection of light for the most natural result. It is also very resistant. There are also composite veneers, but the result is less convincing.


Several brands are present on the dental veneers market such as Emax, Feldspathics, GlamSmile, Lumineers and River 8. These prostheses are extremely thin: they measure up to less than 0.3 mm in thickness.

What is a dental veneer?

The problems that can be solved with a dental veneer

Rejuvenate your smile

With dental veneers, you give a facelift to your smile, but also to your whole face. It is a real facelift that you offer yourself.
Indeed, dental veneers make it possible to erase all the consequences of age on your teeth:

  • Teeth color: teeth tend to tarnish with age. With veneers, you find a bright youthful smile.

  • The appearance of a smile: Worn teeth will find back their original size and appearance thanks to veneers and you'll display a bright harmonious smile again.


Remake the front teeth

Dental veneers make it possible to restore the front teeth easily and quickly. There are many cases:

  • Shorter teeth, especially in case of bruxism

  • Size and shape anomalies: rice grain teeth, "flat" teeth, teeth too long, too wide,

  • A slight malposition: overlapping teeth, dental spacing (diastema), misalignment…

  • Damaged teeth: shine, breakage, crack, broken teeth or ones with manyh uneven restorations.


Have a wonderful smile, custom-made by your dentist

All smiles are different. This is why each dental veneer is tailor-made. It must indeed integrate naturally into the dentition. For this, the veneer must be in harmony with the other teeth, both in size, shape, shade and brightness.


Your dentist will use a smile design tool to give you the best smile you can have, in accordance with some parameters that he has to work with.


Hide one or more stain (s) on visible teeth

Dental veneers are a great alternative when whitening doesn't give good results. Indeed, the ceramic of which they are composed does not change color over time. The whiteness of your teeth is then permanent, which is not the case with another whitening technique.
Veneers can thus correct:

  • Teeth stained by tobacco, coffee, tea ...

  • White spots due to excess fluoride

  • Brown spots due to taking certain antibiotics

  • Dull, gray teeth, a natural phenomenon generally due to aging

Custom manufacturing and installation of dental veneers

Our dental clinic is dedicated to the aesthetics of the smile. We use cutting-edge technologies to give you the most beautiful smile.


Custom dental veneer manufacturing

For a custom smile, veneers are custom made from an impression of your teeth, and the use of a three-dimensional scanner. Thanks to this 3D scan, the mouth is digitized, which allows us, thanks to dedicated software, to model the restorations to be planned and to personalize them.


Extremely precise meticulous fitting of your dental veneers

The installation of dental veneers requires precision and dexterity. Indeed, the veneers are glued to the surface of the teeth with specific products, biological glues that act very quickly. It is therefore necessary to perfectly position the veneer, this extremely fine lamella, before freezing the glue with UV light. Excess glue is removed using a specific brush. And at the end of the bonding, polishing and finishing are carried out meticulously for a perfect final rendering. A local comfort anesthesia is also performed so that no pain is felt.


Dental veneer by Your Dentist

No pain: quick intervention in just 2 appointments

The installation of dental veneers is completely painless. You barely feel slight discomfort, which is limited by local comfort anesthesia. In the vast majority of cases, the intervention is very rapid. After just two sessions, you have a whole new smile.


Interested in a smile rejuvenation?

Our team is composed of experienced dentists in dental aesthetics. We take advantage of our long years of experience, particularly in the area of ​​smile rejuvenation. Always up to date with technological advances, we also make you benefit from all the latest innovations in veneers and cosmetic dentistry.


Installation of dental veneers in detail

Do you want to improve your smile? Contact our clinic dedicated to smile aesthetics. Our team of professionals welcomes you to analyze your needs and offer you a solution.

  • Session 1 : the dental surgeon after having drawn up your dental and aesthetic assessment, performs a 3D scan of the dentition, a dental preparation as well as an impression, which will be used by the prosthetist to make custom dental veneers. During this meeting, transitional veneers can be asked. This allows us to test and adjust if necessary.

  • Session 2 : the dentist prepares the teeth and bonds the custom veneers.

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